Exploring the Most Spectacular Public Art Installations in Baltimore, MD

The city of Baltimore, MD is renowned for its impressive public art installations. From the iconic Patapsco River project to the works of Takia Ross and Bryan Robinson, Baltimore's public art scene is vibrant and diverse. The Patapsco River project, located on South Hanover Street, is a remarkable example of public art. Ryan Patterson, administrator of the Baltimore Arts Promotion Office, explains that it is a work of art with its concrete foundations and rusty pyramidal shapes.

Baltimore was one of the first cities to adopt a “percentage” law for public art. This law requires the city to allocate 1% of all capital construction costs to works of public art. The Baltimore Arts Promotion Office (BOPA) enforces this ordinance and manages the expenditure of public funds for the incorporation of works of art into public projects. Takia Ross and Bryan Robinson are two of the most celebrated artists in Baltimore.

Robinson's work was commissioned by some owners and painted by Gaia, a former student of the Maryland Institute of Art. His artwork was inspired by J Cole's song “Crooked Smiles” and features bagpipes as crooked teeth for the person in his artwork. Baltimore's public art scene is not only visually stunning but also serves as a reminder to show love for the city by publishing stories that reveal what makes it unique and by helping to maintain free access to neighbors in need. From the ones that can't be missed to the ones that are easily overlooked, explore Baltimore's public works of art and discover what makes this city so special.